Christmas Flame

  • Original title:
  • Genre:
    comedy, romance
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    109 min
  • Language:
  • Director:
    Dániel Tiszeker
  • Cast:
    András Ötvös, Emőke Zsigmond, Péter Scherer
  • Producer:
    Balázs Lévai, Gábor Osváth


Arnold is a confident and popular fireman who loves his job and his girlfriend. But when his romantic wedding proposal goes up in smoke, he develops a fear of heights and starts suffering from weird visions. As a result, he is unable to do his job right and gets benched: he now has to work as a stand-by fireman at a local Christmas market - all of which he hates. Enter Eszter, the teacher who prepares an over-the-top holiday performance with a bunch of ten-year-olds. It is she who starts to cure Arnold’s vertigo - and maybe even his broken heart.