Three Thousand Numbered Pieces

  • Original title:
    Háromezer számozott darab
  • Genre:
    drama, black comedy
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    93 min
  • Language:
    English, Hungarian/German
  • Director:
    Ádám Császi
  • Cast:
    Norbert Varga, Edmond Oláh, Franciska Farkas, Rómeó Pápai, Cristopher Pászik, Kristóf Horváth, Wieland Speck
  • Producer:
    István Bodzsár


A white director rehearses a play with five young marginalized Roma actors. His play tells their real life stories of abuse, drug addiction and crime. However, instead of representing the truth of their experiences, it only capitalizes on their pain and exploits them. The actors quit the play, only to find that their white director has already sold the show to Berlin’s biggest theatre and the premiere is looming. Their rehearsals turn into a surreal exploration of racism and white guilt, blurring the lines between fiction and reality - and the play and the film itself.

The film is based on an actual play written by the five Roma main characters, wrestling with the problems of the artistic representation of Romani people, the biggest European minority.